Evidence Gathering

Call for Evidence

During the official launch of the Inquiry – an event held at the RSE and attended by stakeholders, government officials, RSE Fellows and the media – the Committee published a consultation document calling for the views of all interested parties to help inform its work.

The  Call for Evidence  document seeks to gather answers to 15 questions across a broad range of energy issues, including the energy landscape, climate change, the energy mix, and ethics, social issues and impact on communities.

Submitting Evidence

This deadline for written submissions has now passed.  However, should you be interested in submitting evidence to the Inquiry we would still be very interested in hearing from you and will endeavour to consider late submissions.

Responses should be limited to 6 A4 pages and submitted as a Microsoft Word document if sent electronically.

Evidence can be submitted to the Inquiry electronically at EnergyInquiry@theRSE.org.uk or in hard copy to Craig Denham, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ.

All submissions have been published below, unless respondents indicated for their response to remain private on the information form included in the consultation document.

The RSE retains the right to amend, redact, or remove sections from submissions, prior to publication on the website, that may be considered offensive or defamatory.


The Committee will hold events across Scotland during its deliberations to gather the views of the public, and will look to meet with a broad range of stakeholders to harness their knowledge and expertise around the major energy issues facing Scotland.

Information on the public meetings being held by the Inquiry will be available in the News and Events section.