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Contact details are below for enquiries related to any of the RSE’s funding schemes:

Enterprise Fellowships:

RSE Sabbatical Research Fellowships:

Arts & Humanities Research Grants:

Research Grants & Scholarships:

  • Cormack/Piazzi Smyth Undergraduate Vacation Research Scholarships
  • Cormack Small Astronomy Outreach Grants
  • RSE Fellows and Young Academy of Scotland Grants
  • Auber Bequest Grants

International Grants & Scholarships:

  • International Joint Projects (MOST, NSFC, CASS, CNR)
  • International Bilateral Exchange Visits
  • European Visiting Research Grants
  • John Moyes Lessells Travel Scholarships
  • Fulbright/RSE Scholar Award

Prizes & Programmes:

  • Scottish Crucible Programme
  • Cormack Postgraduate Research Prize
  • Health Happiness and Wellbeing Programme


  • Early Career Medals
  • Public Engagement Medals
  • Senior Career Medals
  • Royal Medals

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