Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation 2014

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Executive Summary

This Inquiry

Introduction: a 21st Century Society

1 The Scottish Context

1.1 The Scottish Government's 'Digital Ambition'
1.2 A closer look: the picture of digital exclusion in Scotland

2 Access

2.1 Availability (Infrastructure)
2.2 Affordability
2.3 Accessibility
2.4 Access: recommendations

3 Motivation

3.1 The network effect: a national framework for local action
3.2 Initial experiences of digital
3.3 Motivation: recommendations

4 Education, skills and training

4.1 Skills for the 21st Century
4.2 Computing science, ICT and skills for industry
4.3 Education, skills and training: recommendations

5 Responsibilities of a Digital Society

6 A sector-by-sector view

6.1 Stronger communities
6.2 An efficient and responsive public sector
6.3 Robust health and social services
6.4 Enhanced learning opportunities
6.5 A dynamic and prospering economy
6.6 A strong and shared culture
6.7 A strong and active civil society

7 Conclusion


Appendix I: Inquiry Committee and Review Group

Appendix II: Evidence provided to the Inquiry

Appendix III: Technical analysis of broadband uptake across Scotland

Appendix IV: Open Standards, Open Source and Open Data

Appendix V: Glossary

Appendix VI: Footnotes