Grants for Fellows

The RSE administers a Grants Fund for the award of grants to RSE Fellows and Members/Emeritus Members of the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) in support of research and scholarship.

All RSE Fellows and Members of YAS (other than those serving on Council and the Grants Committee) are eligible to apply, regardless of the organisation in which they are based or whether they are employed or retired.

Joint applications (between YAS Members and Fellows) will be considered favourably where it is possible to make a joint application. Also, current Members of YAS will be given priority over Emeritus Members if demand for the grants greatly exceeds the funds available.

Applications should be made at least two months in advance of the activity for which support is being sought. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please [email protected].

Fund deadline passed

This fund is currently closed for applications.

Grants News

£52K Legacy

We are pleased to announce we have recently received a legacy of £52,000 from the late Professor Patrick Meares M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D., D.Sc., FRSC, FRSE who was an actively engaged chemist and who made outstanding contributions to membrane research.

It was his wish that the legacy should support the Fellow’s Grants Programme, therefore the Grants Committee would now welcome a boost in applications for the available grants that we offer which are listed below:

Grants Available

Assistance may be given to organise small scale (no more than 150 participants), specialist meetings or symposia in Scotland that are outwith the Society’s and YAS’s own programme of meetings.

The actual amount awarded will depend on the size of the meeting and be subject to a maximum of £750 for any one meeting.


Grants may be made for travel and subsistence, connected with research or scholarship, and are usually given for short visits not exceeding four weeks.

The limit for travel within the United Kingdom is £300; for a visit to Europe £500; elsewhere, £950.

Following the award of a Travel Grant no further applications can be made until 24 months have elapsed from the date at which the Committee made the award.


Grants may be made to assist visitors to Scotland from other centres in the United Kingdom or abroad to undertake collaborative research work with a Fellow / Member or to come to Scotland to deliver lecture(s) in Scottish Higher Education Institutions.

For visiting lecturers: Awards may be made to individuals of suitable standing from elsewhere in the UK or abroad, to assist them to come to Scotland to deliver one or more lectures in Scottish institutions. The Lecturer must be nominated by a Fellow / Member who will be expected to act as Chairman of the lecture which should be open to anyone interested in attending. Grants may be used as a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses, and suitable entertainment but not for an honorarium, subject to a maximum of £350, but this amount may be increased if the Lecturer were to undertake a limited series of lectures in more than one centre.

For research visitors: Awards may be made to assist Research visitors to Scotland from other institutions elsewhere in the UK or abroad to undertake collaborative research work with a Fellow / Member for a period normally not exceeding one month. Grants may be used as a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses subject to a maximum of £300 for Research Visitors from within the UK, £500 for Research Visitors coming from Europe to Scotland and £950 for Research Visitors coming from outside Europe to Scotland.



Grants may be made to assist in the publication of books written by Fellows / Members. Such grants will be in the form of a guarantee against loss and not as a subsidy or grant in aid of publication.

The maximum amount of any guarantee will be £1,000 for any one book but applicants may also seek support from other organisations such as the Carnegie Trust or their parent institutions. The Society may consider matching such awards and details of any support already granted or applied for must be provided.


Grants may may be provided to a Fellow (or one of his/her associates) or a Member of YAS to enable visits to be made in furtherance of collaboration or liaison between the academic or research institution and industry where consultancy fees are not involved.

These awards may be used, for example, to enable a researcher in a university department to visit an industrial organisation to initiate or to continue collaborative research on a project of mutual interest or alternatively to enable a researcher from an industrial laboratory to visit an academic laboratory for the same purpose. They could be used to support a visit of a few weeks or alternatively a number for shorter visits over the period of the award.

The maximum amount for any one project in a single year will be £600 but there would be no objection to assistance also being received from either the parent or host organisation.


Reporting Requirements

Recipients of RSE grants are required to submit a report to the RSE Awards Officer within one month of the event / visit having taken place. The Grants Committee places great importance on the receipt of a report by participants who have been awarded a Grant. Please use the report form below.

The Society would be very grateful if you could provide any relevant photographs or images relevant to this award for use in the Society’s Newsletter alongside information from your report.