Arts and Humanities Funding: Research Workshops

Funding area: Arts & Humanities

These awards are designed to encourage collaborative investigation into a research proposition that is at an early stage of its development. A Workshop is regarded by the RSE as “the coming together of scholars at the early stage of planning and developing a collaborative research initiative.”  Funding will encourage and support a range of seminars, colloquia, workshops and lectures which will advance the exploration of the topic, theme or issue in the course of a twelve month period.  Please note that this award is not for a single event.  A conference, colloquium or seminar designed to provide a forum for sharing completed or advanced research is not eligible under this scheme.

The Research Workshops are intended to facilitate intellectual and creative interaction between researchers from different disciplines and from a range of institutions, within the academic community, the public and the private sectors, the Scottish Government and the third sector as appropriate (eg Creative Scotland, Historic Scotland, NHS Scotland and the creative industries).

Knowledge Exchange is an important part of these awards and will be taken into account when the selection of projects is made.  It must exist between the creators and potential users of this research and should be informed by, or developed with, the users.

It is envisaged that the Workshops will lead to long-term research projects in the area explored in order to provide tangible results that will be of value to the academic community and the wider public.

Research Workshops will create a climate in which established researchers or practitioners can support colleagues at an early stage in their career and research students by providing access to the high-level discussion and development of ideas.

Fund deadline passed

This fund is currently closed for applications.

Fund value

Funding of up to £10,000 is available per Workshop Award and should begin between December and March in the academic year.

Fund duration

Awards should be carried out over a twelve month period.

Additional Information

The Principal Investigator applying for a Workshop Award should be one of the following:

  • A full or part-time academic in the arts and humanities employed by an HEI in Scotland on a permanent basis;
  • A full or part-time practitioner in the creative, visual or performing arts who is contracted to an HEI in Scotland or to a SCI on a permanent basis, and who can demonstrate a substantial and continuing commitment to teaching and research in that institution;
  • A retired academic in the arts and humanities who retains demonstrable links with an HEI in Scotland or to an SCI;
  • A full or part-time research active member of staff employed by a Cultural Institution in Scotland on a permanent basis.

Please note that that social science subjects are not covered by this scheme and academic staff who are working in an Arts & Humanities School/Department but in a social science subject area are not eligible to apply as the Principal Investigator for this award.

Due to a recent review of the RSE Awards programme, please note that RSE Committee members are not permitted to apply for funding from an award scheme for which they serve on the Committee. Committee members who wish to apply should step down from their post first.

The next deadline for the Arts and Humanities Awards will be in September 2018.

If you have any questions about the award, please contact Hannah Ormston, Research Awards & Impact Officer.

In the meantime, it may be helpful to read the award Terms & Conditions.