Response to the Logan Report

The RSE has submitted a response to the Scottish Government on the review, and subsequent report, of the technology ecosystem in Scotland by Mark Logan. The review was commissioned by the Scottish Government and focuses on the role the sector can play in the economic recovery post-Covid, specifically the output of technology start-ups and spinouts in Scotland.

The RSE welcomes the report as it provides a useful insight into the importance of the sector to the Scottish economy, overview of existing environment and what needs to change. The response analyses what the report covers and identifies gaps before going on to address the recommendations presented within the subsections of: Network of Tech Scalers, Foundational Talent Pipeline, International Market Square, and Funding. The majority of recommendations are widely agreeable, and some have already been fulfilled; however, the RSE encourages the Scottish Government to consider the narrow focus of the report, wider technology sector, and existing infrastructure and initiatives, before implementing the recommendations.

The Logan Report will feed into the upcoming Digital Strategy for Scotland which is now being consulted on, and the RSE will continue to engage with the Scottish Government in this area.


Download RSE Response to the Logan Report - Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review

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Dr Shonaig Macpherson CBE

Published date

October 2020