Developing the UK’s R&D Roadmap

The RSE, in partnership with the Learned Society of Wales (LSW), Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FST), hosted an online roundtable in October on R&D intensity in the devolved nations. The discussion brought together 20 Fellows from across the RSE, LSW and RIA with a wide range of backgrounds and research interests.

The roundtable discussed how the devolved nations can continue to build their research base and capacity, foster innovation and engage with the opportunities arising from the 2020 UK R&D Roadmap. The research ecosystem, a place-based approach to R&D, supporting research talent and the role that EU Structural Funds have played in supporting the research base were also explored.

The information gathered will form part of the Celtic Academies Alliance ongoing programme of work for 2020/21 with the aim of supporting a thriving research and innovation culture across the devolved nations.

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Policy identifier

Roundtable report


Professor Graeme Reid

Published date

November 2020