Academic Excellence Recognised as RSE Announces Royal Medals & Prizes

The RSE is highlighting some of the UK’s most outstanding academic talent with the announcement of its Royal Medallists and Prizewinners for 2014. These annual awards are given to pre-eminent individuals working at the present time, and range from those who have reached the pinnacle of their disciplines and are regarded as such internationally, to those who are showing great potential in the early stages of their careers.

Royal Medals are the most prestigious RSE award. The Society must receive the permission of Her Majesty The Queen to grant them and this year two are being awarded. One is going to Professor Thomas W B Kibble for his involvement in the research and discovery of the mechanism that gives mass to elementary particles. The other has been awarded to Professor Richard G M Morris for his pioneering work in neuroscience, which has raised the possibility of treatments to stem the global epidemic of dementia and cognitive decline.

Read the full press release and see all the 2014 Prizewinners here: Academic Excellence Recognised as RSE Announces Royal Medals & Prizes