RSE Scotland Foundation

The RSE Scotland Foundation is a charitable body (Scottish Charity No. 024636) connected to the RSE. It delivers public benefit through activities which advance Scottish science, engineering, technology and culture.

The RSE Scotland Foundation publishes Academic Journals on behalf of the RSE and it manages the RSE’s prestigious Events Venue in the heart of Edinburgh.


Charitable Objectives

  • To advance the education of the public in Scotland in science, engineering and technology
  • To research and explore developing areas of learning and human knowledge and to disseminate by whatever means the results of such research, particularly in Scotland
  • To promote the greater public understanding of all sciences, engineering and technology and their part in increasing the wealth and quality of life of the people of Scotland
  • To encourage, for the benefit of the people of Scotland, collaboration between the academic and business communities in Scotland
  • To preserve and conserve the architectural, scientific and cultural heritage of Scotland and to collect, for the purposes of preservation, conservation and exhibition, for the benefit of the people of Scotland, writings, instruments, artefacts, specimens of natural history and any other material which, in the opinion of the Trustees relates to the cultural and scientific heritage of Scotland
  • To call upon the broad intellectual resources of the Fellowship of the RSE and such other Societies and organisations as appropriate in the promotion of the foregoing purposes

Board of Trustees

Dr Alison Elliot, Trustee
Professor Dame Anne Glover, Trustee
Professor Chris Hall, Trustee
Professor Gordon Masterton, Trustee
Dr John Brown, Trustee & Honorary Treasurer
Professor Donald Andrew Ritchie, Honorary Secretary