Council & Committees

The RSE Council is responsible for the governance of the Society. Reporting to that is an Executive Committee which is responsible for operational matters. It works closely with Standing Committees, which report to Council.

Council & Committees


President – Professor Dame Anne Glover

Vice Presidents
Professor David Bell (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
Professor Maggie Cusack (Physical Sciences)
Professor Marcel Jaspars (International)
Professor Andrew Porter (Business)
Professor Mandy MacLean (Life Sciences)

General Secretary – Dr Alison Elliot

Treasurer – Dr John Brown

Fellowship Secretary – Mr James Boyle

Ordinary Members
Professor Jill Belch
Professor Julian Jones
Sir Mark Jones
Professor Rebecca Lunn
Professor Petra Wend

Observer – Sir Sandy Crombie

Executive Committee

General Secretary – Dr Alison Elliot
Treasurer – Dr John Brown
Council Member & Trustee – Professor Jill Belch
Chairman, The RSE Scotland Foundation – Professor Donald Ritchie
RSE Staff Members
Dr Rebekah Widdowfield (Chief Executive)
Mr Gordon Adam (Director of Development)
Mr Robert Conner (Director of Finance and Corporate Services)
Mr Graeme Herbert (Director of Programmes)

Other Office Bearers and Standing Committees

Other RSE Office Bearers are:

Professor Christopher Hall

Programme Convener
Professor Mary Bownes

Research Awards Convener
Professor Charles Withers

Young People’s Programme Convener
Professor Stuart Monro

Education Committee Convener
Mr Keir Bloomer


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