Research Awards Team Leader (Secondment Opportunity)

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has a secondment opportunity for a Team Leader to support its research awards programme work. The Team Leader will lead a review of our programme and manage its administration while the review is ongoing. A job description and the remit of the review can be found here

The secondment will be fully funded by RSE, will start as early as possible in 2019 and will extend through to 31 March 2020. The secondee’s terms and conditions of employment will continue to be those of their current employer and the detailed terms of the secondment will be set out in an agreement between the RSE and the seconding organisation. The secondee will ideally, but does not have to be, someone who is already fulfilling a research awards Team Leader or managerial role. The key issue is whether they meet the competencies and skills in the job description.

Interest in this opportunity should be registered with Graeme Herbert by 30 November 2018. Graeme is also available for discussion with anyone who may have an interest and wishes to find out more about the opportunity.

Thank you for visiting our recruitment page.

Workplace Benefits

How we value equality and diversity

The RSE values equality and diversity. Our differences enrich us as an organisation enabling us to benefit from different perspectives and experiences and supporting better decision-making. We want to ensure that we fully value and recognise the contribution of all and celebrate and harness our differences. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we place a great importance on being an equal opportunities employer, offering equality of opportunities, working practices and procedures for all staff. To ensure that becomes more than a simple statement of intent, the RSE has a diversity policy in place, and undertakes a series of actions to give effect to that policy. Our Diversity Policy can be accessed here.

We are also committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and outcome in the work that we do. Although RSE is not covered by the duties of the Public Sector Equality Duty set out in the Equality Act 2010 we are committed to equality and diversity and ensuring that our work contributes toward advancing equality of opportunity and supporting good relations between different groups.

This includes promoting equality and diversity for all irrespective of:

gender reassignment
race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins)
religion or belief
sex and sexual orientation
marriage and civil partnership
pregnancy and maternity

We will demonstrate our commitment by:

Ensuring that our staff and fellows are informed and aware of their individual responsibilities to support diversity and inclusion

Ensuring that our working policies and practices accept and treat everyone fairly and that we respect and value differences

Promoting equality of opportunity and diversity within the communities in which we work

Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing activity to secure continuous improvement in all that we do

Offering an impartial platform, through our work, to bring together people from a variety of demographics, socio-economic backgrounds, countries and cultures

Taking steps to accelerate diversification of the Fellowship

Recognising Scotland’s at-risk academic and refugee community and the potential it has to make outstanding and meaningful contributions to the future prosperity of Scottish society.

Continuing our active member with the UK Academies Human Rights Committee, forming part of the International Human Rights Network

The RSE strives to provide a working environment which supports the well-being of its staff and is committed to:

  • Review and implement HR policies & procedures, which encourage, promote and support well-being at work
  • Promote awareness and understanding of health related issues in the work-place, including raising awareness about mental health
  • Provide access to Occupational Health Services when appropriate (Counselling).
  • Ensure we fully comply with our health & safety obligations as an employer
  • Obtain feedback from staff and introduce changes when they are appropriate and necessary to support staff well-being
  • Maintain the RSE Staff Bulletin updated with information relating to health & wellbeing at work
  • Organise relevant training to support staff at work (Fire Evacuation, Health Checks, First Aid, Food & Hygiene, Manual handling, VDU assessments, Diversity at Work, Fire Evacuation, DSE assessments, online training on issues such as dealing with Mental Health at work…)
  • Obtain the Gold Award standards from Healthy Working Lives and maintain the existing Silver and Bronze Awards


The RSE is committed to the development of its staff and encourages life-long learning.

Attendance at external training is supported and funding for personal development (up to 100% for requests relating directly to work and 50% for further professional qualifications) is provided.

In addition, the RSE organises an annual Learning at Work week where staff are given the opportunity to share and develop existing skills and knowledge.

In addition to the salary paid, the RSE offers generous employee benefits which include:

  • The opportunity to become a member of the Aviva Pension Fund
  • All employees employed after 1 August 2018 receive the following annual allowances (pro-rata for part time staff):25 days up until completion of 3 years employment27 days following completion of 3 years employment (+ 2 days)30 days following completion of 5 years employment (+ 3 days)
  • Employees get 9 days public holiday (pro-rata for part time staff). This is built into your total holiday allowance (annual leave + public holidays) each year
  • An interest free loan for public transport tickets
  • Social clubs such as Book Club, Scone Club and Running Club
  • A give-as-you-earn scheme
  • Learning opportunities
  • Yearly health checks

The RSE is occasionally able to offer opportunities for paid work placements or internships through Adopt an Intern. These are mutually beneficial as they enable:

  • Students to gain work experience and networking opportunities;
  • The RSE to gain fresh new ideas and support with projects which may otherwise remain abandoned;
  • Current staff to develop communication, organisational, team-working, mentoring and leadership skills.