£2.7M Support Granted to Leading Researchers in RSE Awards

Under schemes funded by public and private bodies, over 100 distinguished researchers will receive £2.7M in awards from the RSE. These prestigious awards illustrate the huge contributions made by the research community to Scotland’s development, economy and wellbeing. Enabling academics to further their research or to commercialise their current work, there are a number of different awards which range from travel grants for those seeking to collaborate with colleagues overseas to personal research fellowships for post-doctoral projects.

This year’s awardees demonstrate the tremendous diversity, breadth and energy of Scotland’s research sector with projects that span a range of fields such as: young people’s ‘In-app purchasing’, healthcare communications, prevention of fire spread through walls, Lyman-alpha radiation of solar flares and Scottish printmaking.

Read the full press release and see a full listing of awardees here: £2.7M Support Granted to Leading Researchers in RSE Awards