Developing Scotland-Brazil Relations

RSE – British Council Scotland ABRUEM Delegate Dinner

The RSE hosted a dinner in collaboration with the British Council Scotland on the 16 June 2016. The delegation from the Brazilian Association of Rectors of State and Municipal Universities (ABRUEM) travelled through the UK on a study tour as part of a fact-finding visit to explore possible research links and potential partnerships with UK universities or relevant organisations.

The visit was organised by the ABRUEM, a Brazilian association that represents 45 state and municipal universities, in conjunction with the British Council.

L-R: Prof. Carlos Roberto Ferreira, Prof. Albert Rodger (Scottish Funding Council), Dr Clive Reeves (Scottish Enterprise), Mr Claudio Anjos (British Council Brazil),  Prof. Jose Celso Freire Junior, Prof. Maria Helena Cirne de Toledo, Dr William Duncan (RSE), Prof. Adelia Maria Carvalho de Melo Pinheiro, Prof. Francisco de Assis Carvalho Arten, Prof. Dijon Moraes Junior, Prof. Carla Liane Nascimento dos Santos, Prof. Kathia Marise Borges Sales, Prof. Marian Scott (RSE), Prof. Julio Cezar Durigan, Mrs Rosangela Montenor Carnevalli Durigan, Ms Lucy Young (British Council Scotland), Mr Alan Salonika (RSE)