The RSE organises around 55 events each year including public lectures, conferences and discussion forums that are aimed both at the general public and the specialist.

The RSE’s independence and the breadth of its Fellowship combine to enable leading specialists, researchers and the general public to engage in well-informed debates on topical issues concerning the well-being of Scotland.

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Modelling Beyond Standard Model Physics

This knowledge exchange event will centre around the methodological challenges, philosophical implications and experimental prospects in the search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).
Image of Peter Singer with sheep

Living an Ethical Life

In the partnership event with the Royal Institute of Philosophy, one of the world's leading moral philosophers, Professor Singer will explore what it means to live ethically in the 21st Century.
Photo of Dr Alan Gow

What Keeps You Sharp?

Join Dr Alan Gow to explore the questions “How do our thinking skills change as we age?” and “Do our lifestyles affect those changes?”. Come and hear what people think about their thinking skills, see how your beliefs match those of the general public, and see how all that matches current evidence.